How to Organize an English Book Club
How to Organize an English Book Club

How to Organize an English Book Club

Organize a Coffee, Tea, and English Book Club for international participants. The facilitator chooses a book based on the language skills of the group. Members can get a copy of the book at the library. Then, they read the book on their own and discuss it at a weekly meeting. Discussion questions are prepared. The English Book Club provides a perfect opportunity to practice your language skills while enjoying the company of fellow international book enthusiasts.

Discussion questions

When choosing a novel for your English book club, you may want to consider the primary characters in the story. Ask group members why they enjoyed the book, and why they didn't. You may also want to ask questions about the setting. There are many ideas for discussion topics, but it's best to consider the opinions of the 독서 모임 majority. If you're not sure what questions to ask, try one of these suggestions:

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If you're a lover of English literature, you should join the English book club. This club meets once a month on Zoom and chooses a new book to discuss. The club's current selection is "The Mussel Feast" by Birgit Vanderbeke. The Mussel Feast is a family drama set just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Eric Cervini is a historian of LBGTQ+ politics who has a book and movie club on Instagram. He's reading James Baldwin's Giovanni's Room. let's go


An English book club can meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Meetings can take place to discuss a single book or several books, depending on the pace and frequency of the group. Members can read the same book or switch roles, or listen to an audiobook. Book clubs can also vote on the next book to discuss, so long as everyone is equally invested in it. In general, members should have some knowledge of the genre or language that they plan to read.


There are a few steps you must take as a leader to ensure that your book club meetings are as successful as possible. One step is to have students fill out a Book Club Set-up Guide. If your club meets once a week, it is necessary for the students to read at least 50 pages of the book each week. To prepare for your meetings, make a schedule according to your agenda and calendar. It is important to follow the rules of the book club set-up guide, but don't feel like you must overdo it!


A rubric is a valuable tool for assessing the success of a book club. It allows you to observe student participation, written responses, and overall reading fluency, and use that information to help you plan for your next meeting. The rubric is designed to help you identify areas for improvement or to measure your students' overall progress. To ensure that you're giving your book club members the best possible experience, follow these steps to create a rubric: